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Beitragstitel Vertebral osteomyelitis due to anaerobic bacteria Veillonella parvula: Case Report and literature review.
  1. Daniele Gianoli Vortragender
  2. Michal Ziga
  3. Frederike Waldeck
  4. Cyrill Dennler
  5. rainer schlichtherle
  6. Thomas Forster Kantonsspital St. Gallen
  7. Benjamin Martens Kantonsspital St. Gallen KSSG
  8. Roman Schwizer
Präsentationsform Poster
  • A07 - Spezialgebiet 2 | Infekte
Abstract Study design: Case report and literature review.

Objective: Presentation of a case report of a Veillonella vertebral osteomyelitis in a 79-year old man and review of literature.

Introduction: While pyogenic vertebral osteomyelitis due to Gram-positive aerobic bacteria and its treatment is well known, vertebral osteomyelitis caused by anaerobic Gram-negative pathogen is rare. In particular, the vertebral osteomyelitis caused by Veillonella species is an absolute rarity. Thus no established management recommendations exist.

Methods: A case report of a 79-year-old man with Veillonella vertebral osteomyelitis with intramuscular abscess collection managed conservatively with stand-alone antibiotic therapy without a spinal stabilization procedure.
A review of literature of all reported Veillonella vertebral osteomyelitis was performed.

Results: After 3 week-intravenous therapy with the ceftriaxone in combination with the metronidazole followed by 3 week-peroral therapy with amoxicillin/clavulanate, the complete recovery of the patient with the Veillonela species infection was achieved.

Conclusion: Treatment of the Veillonella vertebral osteomyelitis should contain a betalactam with betalactamase inhibitor or third generation cephalosporine. Six weeks of treatment seem to be sufficient for the complete recovery of the patient.
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