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Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to look back on this successful virtual 81st Annual Congress of swiss orthopaedics.
We heard about outpatient surgery in orthopaedics: a topical subject with many facets. How to organize? Which patients? Which operations? What are the dangers?

The second main topic concerned neurological problems in traumatology. How does it happen? How to recognize? How to clarify? How and when to treat?

You may now find all sessions on demand until end of the year. In case of any questions which might appear or could not have been answered during he live sessions, don't hesitate to contact via the question form within the different videos.

We would also like to thank the industry, which also had to cope with a crisis, for their great support. Without our loyal industry partners, the realization of such a big event would not be possible.

With best regards
Prof. Dr méd. Olivier Borens
President swiss orthopaedics

Dr méd. Hermes Miozzari
Congress President

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